He’s able to dive deep into projects whether it’s at the conception stage or building/shipping stage ... Jian is detail oriented, has great sense of style, extremely collaborative, driven to learn and perfect the art of UX, and ALWAYS customer obsessed.
— Vice President, Product Management
His easy going attitude and willingness to collaborate, coupled with his remarkable skill, makes Jian a highly sought after asset.
— Dev Manager
Jian is the consummate UX professional - passionate about design, customer focused, and sets realistic deadlines (although he consistently beats them!). He also has an unexpectedly wicked sense of humor.
— Product Manager
He produces well-thought-out sketches as well as beautiful yet stylistic high fidelity designs. Jian has a true passion for building innovative products that create great user experience, and loves to share his passion and knowledge with his working teams, which makes him incredibly valuable to any team/organization that strives to take the products to the next level.
— UX Developer
…excellent UX designer. His design talent combined with his easy going personality have made him a huge asset to our team. He has major strengths in taking initiative, understanding the business problem to be solved and in communicating with stakeholders at all levels. His demeanor and attitude are always impeccably professional, yet he’s still the kind of you guy you want to have lunch or a coffee with. He’s one of the people I always look forward to seeing when I come in to the office each day.
— Head of Product Management
…talented web designer with a solid track record of exceeding my expectations. I hired Jian in late 2009 as a web designer to join a very busy nine-person web marketing team. It was clear from the beginning that he had a good sense of design. To test him further, Jian was trusted with several high-level design projects (with tight deadlines to boot) and he delivered the goods on every one. He’s fast but doesn’t skimp on quality. I recommend Jian to any organization — as long as it’s not my competitor!
— Director, eMarketing & Strategy
He takes the time to understand the product needs, customer requirements and engineering constraints so that his designs are right on target. He also had a great balance of business knowledge, technical experience and design skills so that he makes the right decisions and produces high quality work. He collaborates extremely well across all functions which fosters very efficient team work on all of his projects. He is dedicated and passionate - a great asset to any company.
— Director of Product Management

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