To help traders manage and act on trading advice from professionals


SnappTrader is a signal notification platform for traders. It allows you to outsource your analysis to get trading advice and receive signal alerts from professional traders, analysts and automated algorithms. The app is designed for people at all levels of trading experience who wish to participate in the markets, including Forex, Stocks, Equities, Commodities, ETFs, Precious Metals, Options, Futures, CFDs, Spread Betting and more.



User Experience, Interaction and Visual Design



  • To provide a way to get insights and trading signals from professional traders in real-time.
  • To provide real-time commentary, technical analysis and actionable trade signals anywhere.
  • To add multiple signal providers for easy scanning and comparison of different trading opportunities.
  • To review recommended trades and quickly enter a trade using traders' favorite mobile trading application.


Final Designs


Other Works