Autonomous Vehicle Tools


Uber have a fleet of self driving cars and is expected to grow. Before Uber can provide a safe and smooth experience to the autonomous car riders, a suite of tools needs to be created. These tools focuses on the health, assistance and stress testings of these cars.


My Role

My main task was to design a suite of tools that focuses on a specific use case. I have design the following tools from scratch:

Remote Assistance Console
This tool allows cars to be controlled remotely during an “assist” event. It is a way to manually control the car from anywhere.

Simulation Environment
A tool that helps autonomous engineers to simulate and test various scenarios and answer several “what-if” situations. This tools includes drag and drop elements, playback, visualization and result metrics.

Software Health Manager 
This tools helps autonomous engineers monitor the health progress of the current software built of the cars. 

Event Visualizer
This tool helps the operation team, visualize what the car sees from a historical, real-time and predictive views. In other words, it answers the questions of “What happened?”, “What’s happening?”, and “What’s about to happen?” use cases.


Behind the Scenes & Final Product



Designing for the unknown was mind-blowing and extremely interesting!

Traveling to Pittsburgh, PA and playing around in the test-track environment was a pretty cool experience.

It’s hard to go back driving a car after experiencing being on a self-driving car.

The future is near.


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Get into this project's details from its design process, explorations, several iterations and prototypes. Learn how the final design performed and how it helped the organization streamline workflow processes. 


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