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Hello. I'm Jian Adornado.

Product Designer specialized in designing monitoring and operational dashboards, workflow tools and data visualization related products. Helping users monitor performance, key events, report insights and explore data in historical, real-time and predictive time frames. 

Have more than 10 years experience in product design ranging from consumer applications to enterprise-level products.


Previous Experience

UBER Advance Technologies Group
Created and designed critical tools required to operate and monitor UBER's autonomous vehicles. Tools include remote assistance console, simulation environment, software health/test management and event visualizer.

UBER Data Intelligence
Designed data exploration and visualization tools that help operational and executive teams make informed decisions. Tools include query, chart and dashboard builders.

Established overall design direction that unifies the experience and design across all Apptio’s enterprise apps. Works include defining guiding principles, pattern library and data visualization guidelines.

Amazon Appstore
Designed the next generation Amazon Appstore for Android - a total revamp of navigation, search interaction and updated visual language which leads to increased engagement rate by 25%. The design eventually applied to other Amazon product lines and devices.


Redesigned the next generation of the company’s flagship trading platform - a complete overhaul of navigation, search, charting and trading interactions. Also responsible for establishing overall design direction that unifies the experience and design across multiple screens, devices and trading styles. The redesign's main focus is to create consistency, continuity and smart personalization which helps traders quickly monitor their financial state, minimize risks and make better trading decisions.

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