Data Intelligence Tools


UBER Data Intelligence Team’s mission is to give decision-makers access to information by enabling the consumption and creation of dashboarding at Uber. In order to facilitate this, we create the data pipelines that power dashboards, enable producers with dashboarding technology, and maintain the portal that allows consumers to find business information.


My Role

My main task was to design a suite of tools that focuses on a specific use case. I have led design efforts for following tools:

Query Builder
Quickly perform complex analyses and uncover powerful insights with UBER data. 

Chart Builder 
Transform any UBER data table into a chart within seconds.

Dashboard Builder 
Create easy-to-read reports and dashboards that allow users to drill in and keep exploring.

Real-time Map View
Visual exploratory data analysis tool for trip data.

Financial Forecasting 
Accurately forecast the long term financial and operational growth of UBER marketplaces.

Executive Summaries
Data insights at a glance. 


Behind the Scenes & Final Product



Surfacing the right information at the right time at the right place to the right people was critical to this project.

Seeing the amount of data at UBER was pretty epic!

Designing data tools includes numerous testing, shadowing, learning about user’s day-to-day patterns along with knowing business objectives and effective visualizations given a use case.

Real-time views always brings life to any form of dashboards.


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Get into this project's details from its design process, explorations, several iterations and prototypes. Learn how the final design performed and how it helped the organization streamline workflow processes.


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